I’m a watercolour painted print that shows the beauty of this rare dragonfruit called Pitaya. It doesn’t only look pretty, it also tastes amazingly yummy. A simple yet powerful design with a dark, steady navy blue background colour and a happy colour accent running down from the knee to the ankle. Also works well for after class activities like going for a coffee, visiting the vegetable market or ... ice cream! Always a good option. For us this is an  introverted design because of its simplicity. 



Pitaya Yoga is a young Yoga and Streetstyle Label from Berlin. Our name is inspired by the tropical dragonfruit called Pitaya. Its shape is as much unusual as it is creative and beautiful and this identity you can discover in our designs... which are all hand-sketched! 


With this design we dedicated some time to our brand name and painted the Pitaya with watercolours. The leaves with subtle and harmonic colours make it a peaceful design, yet with a dark background to underline the colours. The placement of the design is from the ankle to to the knee and makes it a peaceful design, which is easy to combine because of its simplicity. 


Very limited quantities produced for all our designs: unique pieces instead of mass production! 



This is a high waisted legging that sits comfortably above the waist bone. 



We use white stretch fabric, composed of 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane with a soft cotton touch! This soft cotton touch is from the outside and inside, giving you a comfortable yet active feeling. The fabric has a flattering fitting and sits well during your workout. It is also sweat absorbent and has a high waist with a supportive elastic band.


Please cold wash and air dry! 



For any sports activity or for street style. We are a yoga wear brand but honestly the design and pattern is functional for any kind of movement practices. 



The legging is available in XS, S, M and L. The small size will fit you if you are a 'true' XS (34), S is for (36) and the medium size will fit you well if you are up to a M (38), size L is for (40) or (38) that likes the elastic band nice and lose around the belly.



The leggings are mindfully produced, first printed with sublimation technique, cut and then sewn, both with the help and equipment of a small family run business in Guadalajara. We know our producer and the location personally and frequently visit during our production times. 


64,80 €

  • Product Available
  • 3 - 5 Business Days

* Sales tax is not collected, as small businesses according to § 19 para 1 UStG / Es wird gem. §19 UStG keine Umsatzsteuer erhoben.

Alle angegebenen Preise sind Endpreise zzgl. Liefer-/Versandkosten. Aufgrund des Kleinunternehmerstatus gem. § 19 UStG erheben wir keine Umsatzsteuer und weisen diese daher auch nicht aus.


Our designs are hand sketched by the talented Irina Muñoz, a Barcelona based creative artist with a history of drawing prints for well known brands. Pitaya is an art + social project, packaged within a yoga and street style fashion label. 


Our designs are trademarked, without authorisation no use of these design may be made. 





Sara Bauchmüller 

Juliusstraße 40, 12051 Berlin 

Telefon: +49 163 300 5493 

Email: info@pitaya.yoga

Internet: www.pitaya.yoga

Instagram: @pitayayoga

Facebook: pitaya.yoga 


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