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Pitaya Yoga is a young and creative yoga wear label. With hand-sketched prints we reflect about travelling, music, politics, the environment and other current world topics. Some designs are specifically created in support of organisations that are active in critical areas, i.e. the refugee crisis. 



We chose Pitaya as our brand name for various reasons. The colourful and beautifully shaped dragonfruit has an unusual shape which resonated with the idea to create something different to what already exists in the yoga fashion market. Our colours and shapes not only mirror our creative identity but also our personal identities. 


Our mission at Pitaya Yoga is to create activewear with designs that humour and please the modern yogi. Our prints are bold, colourful and rare and discuss current world topics, feature timeless historical figures, strengthen the gender equality movement or focuses on a lifestyle topic ie music or travelling. 


We want to create lots of little colour splashes in the yoga shala. That is our way to giving this practice the light it deserves. 


Our vision is to produce fairly in the countries we live in, building long term business relationships for sustainable work and quality products. We have embarked on a journey to do what we love and show it in the things we create. 


Information about our production: 


(+) We produce in Spain and Mexico

(+) In both countries we know our producer personally, they are both small production

    houses that serve labels with smaller quantities

(+) Working condition, as seen with our own eyes, are more than human, there is no

    child / youth labour and they follow the rule of non-discrimination in the working




On top, our fabric is 100% vegan, no animal products are used for the production of neither the fabric nor the leggings. 


Expect from us and our designs to never be bored!

Irina & Sara 

the team behind the scenes


Irina is our creative director, specialized and with quite a few years of experience in colorful prints. Originally from Barcelona, she lives in México and loves the sun, her yoga and Acroyoga practice and is a very enthusiastic human being. With her prints she wants to bring some colors, unusual shapes and a little craziness in today's world.


It is important for her to produce fairly and with environmentally friendly materials. 


Sara is our producer, taking care of all the steps from design to the finished product in your hands. Originally from Krefeld in Germany, she lives in the summers of Berlin and Guadalajara. She loves her partner acrobatics practice and enjoys to create something tangible that sends you to many different locations and people. 


She has many ideas on how to make this project a sustainable and fair one and wants to bring a little bit of joy and colours into every yogis life. 


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Any special orders or questions about your delivery or about our products please fill out the form below or contact us directly via product@pitaya.yoga


If you are a yoga studio and would like to sell our leggings please also feel free to get in touch below or via info@pitaya.yoga


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Our designs are hand sketched by the talented Irina Muñoz, a Barcelona based creative artist with a history of drawing prints for well known brands. Pitaya is an art + social project, packaged within a yoga and street style fashion label. 


Our designs are trademarked, without authorisation no use of these design may be made. 





Sara Bauchmüller 

Juliusstraße 40, 12051 Berlin 

Telefon: +49 163 300 5493 

Email: info@pitaya.yoga

Internet: www.pitaya.yoga

Instagram: @pitayayoga

Facebook: pitaya.yoga 


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